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Catalyst Fitness

Catalyst Fitness's purpose is to provide effective, fun, engaging fitness solutions for anyone looking to be their best, whether that best is in the backyard or the finish line.

Commitment & Expertise

Delivering great fitness programs using our knowledge and experience. We are committed to creating your best fitness experience.



The body thrives on change and our programs show that


Support & Care

We are here to support each other in all health endeavors. We are a community, we care for each other.



We help each other reach our goals.

Personal Training

Personal Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness

Small Group Training

Small Group Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness

Semi Private Training

Semi Private Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness

Meet our Trainers

Jan M., Catalyst Fitness testimonialS

In December 2011 I began working out at Catalyst Fitness. I had made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery and my surgeon had several stipulations in agreeing to do the procedure. One of those was committing to working with a personal trainer 2-3 times/week. Starting out at 366 pounds at age .... Read more

Jan M.

SUMMER CONTEST WINNER #2 "Catalyst Fitness and the trainers are awesome! They give me the motivation to keep going and to push myself. I love the one on one training and the customized work outs to fit my needs and goals. The support, encouragement and friendships that I have developed .... Read more


Greg Schuster, Catalyst Fitness testimonialS

After almost two years of working out at a nearby gym I realized I was getting bored, the equipment wasn’t always available and the socializing was making workouts way too long. I met the Catalyst Staff staff about joining here. I told them I thought I was in pretty good shape (We have since .... Read more

Greg Schuster

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Personal Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness

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