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  • How to Find your New Workout Facility

    Many times we get people coming in to the studio to check us out. They want to see what services we offer, how we do it, the general look and feel of the studio and, of course, price. But how do you choose the right trainer and/or facility for you? Here are some helpful tips to make your search for a trainer easier. First and foremost in your search should be the location your trainer works out of. The biggest questions you should ask yourself are:
    Is it close enough to work/home to make easy to go consistently?
    THIS IS HUGE! If it's not a distance from either that makes it convenient you are less likely to continue and keep reaching your goals. 2.Is the facility somewhere I am ....

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  • Personal Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness - Personal Trainers aren't Fitness Magicians

    Personal Trainers aren't Fitness Magicians

    Having been a personal trainer now for 13 years I can look back at my career and see what people have been looking for in a fitness routine and how it has changed. But as the national obesity issue has gotten bigger and more complex the way people look at a personal trainer has changed as well, and not for the better. Now more often than not, people are looking for a program that helps them look a certain way; not how they feel or perform they're daily life tasks. Weight loss and/or weight management has become the thing to look for. As we've all seen shows like the Biggest Loser have contestants lose massive amounts of weight we think "Why not me?" Well first off, they're in the gym for ....

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  • Personal Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness - Why the heck should I warm-up?

    Why the heck should I warm-up?

    As we approach Bloomsday we all think about the pain at the end of the day. But you can fix that with a warm-up prior to it and all workouts, is all this twisting and folding really necessary? When we warm up, either by stretching or performing a moderated version of the activity to come, we're preparing our bodies in several different ways—three of which are crucial to our performance, recovery, and outcome. The Pulse Raiser
    Isn't it nicer to be woken up gently rather than a bucket of cold water in the face? When it comes to exercise we should treat our hearts with the same courtesy. A gradual rise in intensity rather than a sudden spike will better prepare the heart for what's ....

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  • Personal Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness - The Eating Mistakes Keeping You Fat

    The Eating Mistakes Keeping You Fat

    The less body fat you carry, the better your abs will show. It's simple to read, but difficult to implement. Start by performing triage on the six eating habits listed here. But don’t try to banish them all at once. Target just one or two behaviors at first—ones that you can make the most difference by changing. The reason: Recent studies show that we have only so much willpower. That’s why trying to break several bad habits at once can be overwhelming. But if you follow the slow and steady approach, you’ll increase your odds of sculpting a thinner, fitter physique—and keeping it for life. Skipping Meals or Snacks
    Not eating can mess with your ....

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  • Personal Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness - Tracking your Health in Spokane

    Tracking your Health in Spokane

    Hey Spokane! Need a little accountability in your health regime? We can help with that! Through our partnership with the Naamly Fitness App, we can track your nutrition program without the hassle of a print out or bringing your phone in with you. Our desktop show syour daily intake of calories and what they come from as well has tracking your macro-nutrients. And if you're looking for something a little different we can send out a daily text message to make sure you are eating 3-5 meals, drinking enough water, sleeping enough, and getting in your exercise. So why continue to struggle on the nutrition front and health front? We can help! Check us out today! ....

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  • Personal Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness - Intermittent Fasting? The what, how's, why's and who's.

    Intermittent Fasting? The what, how's, why's and who's.

    We've had several questions in the last few months about intermittent fasting ( IF
    ). IF involves eating your daily calorie allotment during a specified "eating window," and fasting (not eating) during the remaining portion of the day. There are three basic variations of intermittent fasting to consider that involve different elements and benefits. Types of Fasts
    24-Hour Fast - This is completed 1-2 times per week and involves fasting for an entire 24-hour period. For example, you might stop eating at 8 pm on Saturday, and not eat again until 8 pm on Sunday. 8:16 Fast - This is a more common type of fast, usually followed every day, where you eat during an eight-hour window and ....

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  • Personal Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness - Sugar: The Diet Villain

    Sugar: The Diet Villain

    Not long ago, fat was the evil dietary villain. Before that it was salt. Now the sugar-free diet has exploded onto the health and wellness scene -- and seems to have topped many people's list of New Year's resolutions. Sugar-free diets encourage people to avoid table sugar (sucrose), sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup, refined flours, condiments, soft drinks, sweets and some fruits such as bananas. Some also recommend eliminating or restricting dairy products. The diet's advocates rightly note that excessive sugar consumption may lead to obesity and therefore increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. And it's true we are swallowing too much of the sweet ....

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  • Personal Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness - Spokane Residents Ask: Why Am I Not Getting Stronger??

    Spokane Residents Ask: Why Am I Not Getting Stronger??

    You’ve been hitting the gym for what seems like forever. You work up a sweat three or more times each week. But you're stagnant. You’re not getting stronger. Your lifts stay the same, your biceps aren't growing, and your booty isn't toning. We're not going to give you the best exercises to help you today. No this article isn’t about to give you some secret Eastern European circuit training that's only recently been discovered either. All this is going to ask you today: Is what you’re doing in the gym getting you closer to your goal? The Role of Adaptation
    Here it is; How many of you have been lifting the same amount of weight in the gym for months, even years? ....

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  • National Nutrition Month!

    March is National Nutrition Month. What are you doing to make sure you're eating a well rounded and healthy diet? Many Americans don't eat nearly as healthy as they think. The biggest problem is our highly processed foods with added sugar and sodium to help stabilize it for shelf life. The easiest fix? Shop the outer ring of your favorite grocery store. These areas are where the freshest foods are like the produce and meat department and the diary section. Eating more whole, fresh foods will help you make better choices at home and when you eat out!
    6 Ways to Follow a Healthier Diet
    By Matt Griffith, CSCS Since March is National Nutrition Month, let's look a a few tricks to help you eat ....

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  • Personal Training in South Spokane - Catalyst Fitness - Use Physical Health to Nurture Your Mental Health

    Use Physical Health to Nurture Your Mental Health

    With all the talk in the traditional and social media spheres regarding mental health lately, it's important to look at your physical health as well. To be sound in mind, you need to be sound in body. Healthy people tend to be happy people. The Connection
    There's a physical connection between what the mind is thinking and those parts of the brain that control bodily functions. According to Charles Goodstein, MD, a clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University's Langone School of Medicine in New York City, the brain is intimately connected to our endocrine system, which secretes hormones that can have a powerful influence on your emotional health. “Thoughts and ....

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