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  • 2x the Leg Strength, 1 Leg at a Time! Easy-peasy Spokane!

    2x the Leg Strength, 1 Leg at a Time! Easy-peasy Spokane!

    10 Explosive Single-Leg Exercises Here is my top 10 list of single-leg exercises that I have successfully applied to athletes and trainees at all levels. Working one leg at a time versus the sometimes traditional thought of both legs can have an amazing impact on your leg strength. Most people have a dominate side, and it will take over to a certain extent to help the weaker side. By making each leg get stronger on it's own your actually increasing the strength of them as a pair. Team work makes the dream work! Weighted Box Step-Ups:
    Just remember to watch yourself on the way down and maintain control and good form. You're not looking to put extra strain on the lower ....

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  • What 5 Sleep Mistakes are You Making? Spokane, Sleep Better Tonight!

    What 5 Sleep Mistakes are You Making? Spokane, Sleep Better Tonight!

    Sleep is always hard to come by in the world nowadays and it seems even harder when we move those clock hands backwards or forwards an hour. Sleeping right is making a comeback. It might seem as if something so essential could never go out of style, but in our busy, tech-enabled world, sleep had become an afterthought. However, recently, books like Arianna Huffington’s “The Sleep Revolution,” sparked renewed interest in the topic of getting adequate sleep for overall health. So much so it’s back in the mainstream social conversation. After all, numerous studies show sleep deprivation can have negative cognitive effects and impair motor function. You’ve likely ....

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  • Tweak Your Mindset to Regain Your Motivation

    Tweak Your Mindset to Regain Your Motivation

    When you’re trying to lose weight, keeping your motivation up can be a tall order. You might be trudging through the same-old workout routine, cutting too many calories (and zapping your energy and metabolism in the process), stressed out and low on sleep or surrounded by friends and family who don’t understand the struggle. Whatever your challenge is, it can become even harder to stay focused on your weight-loss goals, says Mariah Heller, certified strength and conditioning specialist and creator of Pain-Free Fitness. The good news is you’re not alone. “We all get into ruts,” says Angelica Ventrice, a certified personal trainer, health coach and creator of ....

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  • What's Your Halloween Candy Look Like with Sugar??

    What's Your Halloween Candy Look Like with Sugar??

    Goblins, ghouls, and creatures from the Upside-Down aren’t the only scary things at Halloween — the sugar count on candy bars and spooky treats can be pretty frightening, too. The average trick-or-treater consumes an unnerving 3 cups of sugar in Halloween candy, equating to about 220 sugar packets. But swearing off all Halloween candy isn’t necessarily the answer. Depriving yourself can lead to cravings, sending you straight to the candy bowl after the trick-or-treaters have left. Instead, keeping portion sizes in check and enjoying only your favorite treats is a much more reasonable approach to the occasion. Luckily, most Halloween treat options come in individual ....

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  • How Great Was Your Workout? 6 Signs to Know You Crushed IT!

    How Great Was Your Workout? 6 Signs to Know You Crushed IT!

    Matt Griffith, CSCS Your workout has just ended, and you’re tired, sweaty and sore. That means you got a great workout, right? Well … not so fast. When measuring exercise success, sweating isn’t always a reliable indicator. For example, you’re going to sweat a lot in hot yoga no matter what, as “hot” is right there in the name. And some places don’t use air-conditioning or fans. In those instances, it’s very possible you earned your drenched clothes, but you’re still impacted by the artificial climate. Soreness isn’t necessarily a trustworthy indicator, either. If you haven’t worked out in awhile and you take a ....

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  • Cut Calories without Starving Yourself!

    Cut Calories without Starving Yourself!

    Matt Griffith, CSCS Many people begin there fitness journey with a simple idea; lose weight by cutting calories. This tried-and-true fat-loss tactic has been proven to be more effective than just exercise alone. However, many people cut calories so dramatically they feel hungry all the time. Not only is this unpleasant, but it won’t actually help you lose fat. Your best bet for fat-loss success is to create a modest caloric deficit, and make smart food choices so you feel satisfied — not starved. DON'T CUT IT TOO LOW Though you may think cutting tons of calories automatically speeds fat loss, it actually works against you over the long-term by slowing the metabolism and ....

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  • Burn Your Good Fat Spokane

    Burn Your Good Fat Spokane

    - Matt Griffith, CSCS - When it comes to talking about weight loss and fat, the conversation usually goes in one of two directions. Either you’re discussing the benefit of adding healthy fat into a diet to lose weight, or you’re talking about decreasing body fat percentage, which some experts note can be a better way of tracking progress than overall weight or BMI. But there’s a third, much less discussed, type of fat you should know: brown fat. What is Brown Fat? Although it’s not trackable in the same way overall body fat percentage might be, implementing strategies to boost your brown fat can be helpful for weight loss. When you hear fitness pro's talk ....

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  • Are You a Stress-Eater? Here are some Tips to Help Spokane.

    Are You a Stress-Eater? Here are some Tips to Help Spokane.

    We're all guilty of enjoying a guilty pleasure from time to time. But when you make that time all the time, it's a response to something bad happening and it will derail you're fitness goals quickly. So when you go to your Rocky Road pint after a hard day, re-think why and what you're doing with these 7 tips. 1. ADOPT A NEW DE-STRESSING ROUTINE
    “Unless you have a replacement food or activity, it’s almost impossible for our brains to hear ‘don’t’ when we tell ourselves ‘don’t eat the chocolate cake,’” says Lucy Call, RD. If your typical wind-down routine is to head for the pantry and plop down in front of the TV, try swapping this ....

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  • 5 Total Body Moves to Help Beat a Time Crunched Workout

    We all get busy right? Why is it that we always lose the workout when we get to frazzled with other to-do's? Well here are 5 moves that make for a great little circuit to help you get something out of the day without sacrificing too much time. SQUAT TO PRESS
    The move
    : Hold dumbbells in each hand by your shoulders. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes slightly out. Start the movement by sitting backward and spreading your knees apart. Descend below parallel while keeping your lower back flat. At the bottom, drive through your heels and keep your knees apart. Drive up and push overhead at the same time. REVERSE LUNGE WITH PRESS
    The move:
    Hold a weight ....

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  • The Do's and Don'ts with a Trainer

    The Do's and Don'ts with a Trainer

    Hey all! People often ask what a trainer does and why they need a trainer, but never really what to do with a trainer. Here are 5 do's and don'ts from our perspective. 5 Things You Absolutely Do with Your Trainer

    1) Find the right match
    Just because a trainer is at your health club doesn’t mean that they are the best match for you. Look at credentials, client achievements, ask for a trail session to see if you’re personalities will mesh. 2) Clearly set goals
    Most people want to achieve something, and your trainer will want to help you reach them. Goals are a marker for progress, so be ready to set short-erm and long-term goals. 3) Have ....

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