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  • 6 Mindsets for Those Getting Back into Shape

    6 Mindsets for Those Getting Back into Shape

    Getting back in shape is a specific challenge that requires specific mindsets. When you start up again be very aware that you're in the most delicate part of getting back in shape: the beginning. This is where you can burn out by going too fast, fizzle out by going top slow, or stall out completely by just not going. It’s where you can overwhelm yourself with possibilities, discourage yourself with comparisons, or get shut down by other peoples’ negativity. It’s a minefield, strewn with the remains of countless false starts, negative self-images, excuses, broken promises, and unrealistic expectations. And this is why, if you want to traverse it without getting ....

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  • 10 Reasons Why to Workout versus Your 10 Excuses to Skip a Workout Spokane!

    10 Reasons Why to Workout versus Your 10 Excuses to Skip a Workout Spokane!

    Last I checked, there are 24 hours in every day, given to each of us to spend as we choose. Ideally, eight or so of those are earmarked for sleep. Tack on another eight or so for work, and you’re left with eight hours of freedom — and by freedom we mean time for eating three meals (and snacks), spending time with family, watching Netflix, catching up with friends and social media, side hustles, running errands and general procrastination. Yet experts have the audacity to recommend you devote a whole 30 minutes each day (or 150 minutes a week) to exercise. How dare they! While that doesn’t sound like a lot, with our busy lives, online and off, it can be hard to set aside ....

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  • 5 Tips for Finding a Gym or Trainer That Don't Judge

    5 Tips for Finding a Gym or Trainer That Don't Judge

    When you’re looking for a new gym or group classes — or even a personal trainer — being larger can make you feel self-conscious and sometimes unwelcome. Often you walk into a gym or group fitness facility and meet with someone fit and see fit people all around, making you instantly uncomfortable. So how do you pick the place that's best for you? Apart from spending time in each gym you’re considering, how can you tell if one space is more size-inclusive than another? Summers and other trainers at body-positive gyms offer these five tips for finding what fits best for you: 1- CHECK OUT SOCIAL MEDIA AND MARKETING IMAGES
    Take some time to scroll through a ....

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  • Are you eating enough? Maybe not! Be sure Spokane.

    Are you eating enough? Maybe not! Be sure Spokane.

    Oftentimes when you set out to lose weight, it involves deeming some foods ‘good’ and others ‘bad’ and restricting those in the latter category. This often backfires, however, because when you deprive yourself of the things you love (and eliminate entire food groups) it usually leads to a hard-to-break cycle of yo-yo dieting. Instead, focusing on eating more of the healthy foods you love could actually help you lose weight. By choosing foods with lower energy density (aka fewer calories for their bulk) like fruits, veggies and lean proteins, you can eat more volume but consume fewer calories to stay within your overall calorie goal. Eating More Nutrient Dense ....

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  • 5 Things to do Every Night to Fuel Weight Loss

    5 Things to do Every Night to Fuel Weight Loss

    With resolution season upon us, what can you do to help your health and fitness routine? Here are 5 things to do every night to help you stay on track past February. 1 - PREPARE BREAKFAST Rather than skipping a meal or reaching for the doughnuts at the office, (which will result in a sugar crash), take 10 minutes to prepare breakfast the night before. If you want a smoothie to take on-the-go, try pre-measuring and putting some of the ingredients together the night before, or even pre-mixing it. If you’re more of an oatmeal person, try overnight oats. 2 - PACK YOUR LUNCH AND SNACKS If you’ve meal prepped on the weekend, this shouldn’t take long but you can also take ....

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  • What to do when you're sore.

    What to do when you're sore.

    Most exercisers have experienced sore muscles at one time or another, especially after starting a new workout program or trying an unfamiliar exercise. In some ways, muscle soreness just comes along with the territory of working out, particularly if you’re new to it. This phenomenon is also known as delayed onset muscle soreness and usually crops up 24–48 hours after exercise. Feeling sore can leave you wondering if it’s really a good idea to continue with your scheduled workouts, particularly if you’re worried exercise could make the achy sensation that comes along with DOMS worse. Ahead, fitness pros explain why you get sore, how it could impact your workouts, ....

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  • Why Exercise Is Good For Arthritis in the Knees!

    Why Exercise Is Good For Arthritis in the Knees!

    A persistent belief among arthritis sufferers — and even some doctors — is exercise can increase inflammation and pain, particularly in the knees. But recent research suggests that may be misguided. As long as you exercise the correct way — avoiding certain moves that really can exacerbate your issues — workouts can be a boon to improving arthritis symptoms, not to mention helpful for overall health and wellness. In a study published in July 2019 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Scottish researchers looked at 21 previous studies across multiple countries, including the U.S., China, Brazil and Sweden, all related to the impact of therapeutic exercise on ....

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  • Not Gaining Weight is the Holiday Win You're Looking For!

    Not Gaining Weight is the Holiday Win You're Looking For!

    Fun fact: It can take up to five months to lose the extra pounds you put on between Halloween and New Year’s, according to research in the New England Journal of Medicine. However, many of us dive into the holiday season thinking we’ll just enjoy ourselves joyfully for a few months and then magically get back on track come January 1. Instead of ditching your healthy habits over the holidays, actively adopt a mindset to maintain your weight over the holidays — as this might be the key to keeping the pounds off in the long run. If you continue working on the better version of you all holiday season and still get to enjoy yourself, then you won’t have to spend all ....

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  • How to Recover from Your Thanksgiving Bender

    How to Recover from Your Thanksgiving Bender

    It happens to the best of us: Thanksgiving rolls around and we enjoy the holiday dinner a little too much. A binge that includes buttery potatoes, greasy gravy, rich casseroles, and—of course—lots of turkey (not to mention pumpkin pie!) can leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and irritable. If you find yourself in this situation this year, you don't have to suffer through the aftereffects. Here are some things you can do the day after Thanksgiving that will help you feel better—plus some tips for getting your diet back on track for the rest of the holiday season. Commit to getting back on track
    For some people, Thanksgiving is just the beginning of a ....

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  • Why You Need Isometric Exercises in Your Routine Spokane!

    Why You Need Isometric Exercises in Your Routine Spokane!

    These days, it seems like exercise is all go-go-go. But sometimes, it pays to stay still — especially when isometric exercises are involved. Anyone can do isometric exercises and should include them as part of a well-rounded fitness regimen. An added bonus is a lot of them can be done anywhere! Here’s the lowdown on isometrics. What are isometric exercises?
    Unlike standard strength exercises like squats and bicep curls, which typically put you through two types of muscle action in a single rep (concentric and eccentric), isometric exercises like planks and wall sits involve holding a static position for a set period of time. In the squat, for example, the concentric ....

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