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  • How to lose weight and keep it off according to a doctor!

    How to lose weight and keep it off according to a doctor!

    Losing weight isn’t easy, but dropping pounds — whether a little or a lot — is one of the most common health and fitness goals. According to a CDC survey conducted from 2013–2016, nearly half of Americans reported trying to lose weight in the past 12 months. This desire to lose weight results in countless strategies and methods, with some grounded in good science and other quick fixes championed by questionable “gurus” and late-night infomercials. But recent research published in the Obesity journal attempted to identify effective behavioral and psychological strategies shared by people who were able to lose weight and keep it off. The study analyzed ....

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  • We're back!

    We're back!

    COVID-19 Re-open Policies Staff and facility:
    • No staff will work if they are not feeling well, i.e. cough, fever, or other symptoms associated with COVID-19 • Staff will wear face coverings until deemed unnecessary. • Facility will be disinfected between each client and small group session with cleaners and/or wipes. • Facility will be mopped daily or as needed. • Proper social distancing will be in effect. Please look at the floor marks. • Group sessions will be 5 people or less • Group sessions will be less than 50 minutes to ensure proper time to disinfect group area. • Staff will ....

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  • Spokane, are you needing some at home workout drive?!?!

    Spokane, are you needing some at home workout drive?!?!

    Hello Spokane! We miss you all out there in the real world right now as we are all staying home to stay safe. If you're looking for an at home workout program, but just don't have the drive to do it yourself, we have the solution. For anyone who's gym is currently closed, you can purchase our 30 days for $30 small group training intro package to get you through April! We are doing Facebook Live workouts every weekday in the morning and evening and at least one Saturday morning group as well for the duration of the stay at home order in Washington state. When the order is lifted, your 30 days will obviously be open to coming in to the studio for the workouts and really experience what our ....

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  • 11 Myths You Need to Stop Believing about Weight Loss Spokane

    11 Myths You Need to Stop Believing about Weight Loss Spokane

    Myth #1: Weight Loss is the Same for Everyone
    Weight loss is more than just calories in minus calories out and the idea there’s one quick fix for lasting weight loss that works for everyone is misguided. Individuals differ greatly in their bodies, lifestyles, emotions and life experiences (and that’s a good thing). However, this means what might have worked for your friend or loved one won’t necessarily work for you and hopping on the fad diet bandwagon often backfires. Instead, you should focus on adding healthy habits you’ll be able to maintain long-term. Myth #2: Carbs are the Enemy
    Despite popular belief, carbohydrates do not inherently cause weight ....

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  • COVID-19 Changes

    COVID-19 Changes

    Hey all, The first workout is up on Facebook and should be up on the YouTube's here today sometime. We will post workouts for the rest of this week as we finish them up. Next week we go live. Randy did a great job of adding tools you can use at home if you don't have weights, but most workouts will be body weight based so you can get after it anytime and anywhere. Facebook live classes will start next Monday 3/30. PLEASE SIGN-UP WITH MINDBODY APP SO WE KNOW IF PEOPLE ARE WATCHING!!! Monday - Thursday: 7am & 9am, 5pm & 6pm Friday: 7am, 9am and 5pm Saturday - 10am (hopefully we can do that outdoors!) Sunday - Rest day or make-up day from the videos posted Here's the links for ....

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  • Are you eating enough for your weight loss goals? Here's 5 signs you aren't...

    Are you eating enough for your weight loss goals? Here's 5 signs you aren't...

    If you’re trying to lose weight, it seems to make sense to cut as many calories from your diet as possible. Unfortunately, it’s possible to eat too little, which not only makes it harder for you to achieve a healthy weight, but it can also cause other health problems. In other words, eating below your needs can backfire big time. Everyone has a set amount of calories, or energy, they need to simply be alive. Consistently eating less than this can cause your metabolism to slow down and your body to begin preserving what it can to survive. Hunger and feeling full aren’t the only indicators of whether you’re fueling your body appropriately. Indeed, short and long-term ....

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  • Weight Loss Principles that Cover Everything

    Weight Loss Principles that Cover Everything

    For anyone who wants to lose weight, there are two simple rules they need to follow: Rule #1: You must be in a calorie deficit.
    This is when you consume fewer calories than you burn each day. The most simple way to check if you’re in a deficit is to log food intake with food tracker (such as My Fitness Pal) so you can how much you’re consuming compared to how much you need to be eating according to body size, gender, age, and activity levels. Rule #2 You must sustain a calorie deficit for an extended period of time.
    Being unable to stick to a calorie deficit is where most people struggle. A typical approach that a lot of people use is to simply reduce their food ....

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  • The Problem with a Cheat Day

    The Problem with a Cheat Day

    Many registered dietitian's dislike the idea of cheat days. Not because of the thought of their clients shoving double cheeseburgers and donuts into their face for 24 hours, but because it puts foods in to "good" and "bad" columns.Here’s why associating morality with our food choices can trigger unhealthy eating behaviors and how to ditch the cheat day and focus on more helpful, positive eating strategies. THE PROBLEM WITH BLACK-AND-WHITE THINKING
    Categorizing foods as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, sets us up for moral highs and lows that should never be associated with eating. Whenever a client confesses to being “bad” or “cheating” on their diet, ....

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  • 10 Simple Changes that can Lead to Weight Loss

    10 Simple Changes that can Lead to Weight Loss

    Recent research published in Obesity shows what successful weight loss people know to be true: Small, simple lifestyle changes, aka micro-goals, can boost your likelihood of losing weight and keeping it off for good. Micro-strategies are easy to do, produce small but immediate wins and add up to even greater ones over time. To shed pounds and get healthier, it’s essential to tweak your calorie intake, move more, track your progress and build coping skills to overcome challenges and setbacks. These 10 micro-strategies can help you tackle all of the above. 1) Wake up with a glass of refreshing water
    Start each morning with a tall glass of H20. Rehydrating can help you avoid ....

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  • Trick Your Mind to get Through Those Tough Workouts Spokane.

    Trick Your Mind to get Through Those Tough Workouts Spokane.

    Some workouts feel so satisfying they remind us why we exercise in the first place. Then, there are days when all we want to do is call it quits midway through. On these days, it’s useful to have a variety of mental tricks ready to keep you going. Sometimes, you need lots of tools to be able to get through a tough workouts. Because mental tricks work better for some workouts than others, it’s a good idea to have multiple tools at your disposal. Before using any of these mental tools, take stock of the big rocks that contribute to your overall health: nutrition, sleep and hydration. If you’re dragging in your workout, your issue could be physical — not mental. ....

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