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  • Spokane, 6 Tips to Keep Your Weight Loss on Track

    Spokane, 6 Tips to Keep Your Weight Loss on Track

    Failure has so many negative connotations — especially in the context of weight loss. If your goal is to shed pounds, any result that doesn’t involve a lower number on the scale can feel like a major setback. The truth is, a lack of success when it comes to diet and exercise is not the exception; it’s the rule. Biologically, weight loss isn’t easy, and setbacks are inevitable. There are many reasons we fail when trying to slim down, but the key is to learn from — and not feel derailed by — detours. The road to your goal may be windy, but you can still arrive at your desired destination by using any setback to your advantage. There are plenty of ....

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  • Working from home? Don't make these weight loss mistakes Spokane.

    Working from home? Don't make these weight loss mistakes Spokane.

    Who knew when you packed up your desk and carried your work computer home back in the spring, you’d still be working from home now? And what about virtual school? Sheesh... but here we are. While swapping morning commutes for workouts and cooking more at home has helped many get healthier, the transition also has downsides resulting in letting some healthy habits slide. “I think we all had some sort of idealized sense that it would not last this long, so many people became a bit more lax in their diet and physical activity, thinking it was just a temporary thing,” says Susan E. Wilson, RDN. Since many of us are working and school from home for the foreseeable future, ....

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  • Make Better Food Choices Daily

    Make Better Food Choices Daily

    Many people adhere to specific diets and track food intake to meet a particular calorie count. While calories are a large part of the weight equation, they are just part of what makes up a healthy, fit lifestyle. Food is more than calories, it is macro- and micronutrients, enjoyment, satisfaction, hunger, goals, nourishment, energizing, replenishing and so much more. To have a diet that works for your goals and is one you can stick to for a long time, make sure it satisfies more than calorie counts. With a little food-savvy, you can choose options that are better for your body for equal, or even lower, calorie amounts. Let’s take a look at two food intakes and discuss why the ....

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  • Spokane asks: Are there foods that help reduce belly fat?

    Spokane asks: Are there foods that help reduce belly fat?

    For most people, about 90% of total body fat is subcutaneous — the kind that is soft, pinchable and sits right underneath the skin. The remaining 10–15% is called intra-abdominal or visceral fat. It’s often referred to as belly fat since it lives in your abdominal area and surrounds your vital organs. Visceral fat is one of the most dangerous types of fat because it generates adipose hormones and adipokines, chemical troublemakers that not only surround your organs but also cause inflammation, leading to problems like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. The good news is visceral fat is one of the easiest types of fat to lose via regular movement and a healthy ....

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  • Starting a Weight Loss Workout Routine

    Starting a Weight Loss Workout Routine

    You’re doing a solid job of tracking your food and making nutritional adjustments that work well for you, so now you want to step it up and incorporate some exercise into your routine for added weight-loss power. Here’s the problem: It may feel like there are hundreds, if not thousands, of possible starting points. How do you choose the best way to jump in? The wealth of options — from group fitness classes and running to personal trainer sessions and virtual workouts — can make many people feel like giving up before they’ve even begun. Here’s how to get going from square one: Step 1 - Get in the Right Mindset Before you even take the first steps, ....

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  • Don't Stress About Your Food or it Can Lead to Weight Gain

    According to reports from the Mayo Clinic, around 15% of the 1,000 people surveyed gained 1–3 pounds during quarantine. The average person, however, only gained 0.21 pounds. “Weight gain in quarantine [i.e., the quarantine 15] has been largely blown out of proportion,” says Jessica Jaeger, RD. “We are in stressful times. Obsessing about food and weight exacerbates this stress and can potentially cause more harm than the weight itself,” she adds. The Why of Food Habit Fluctuations
    It’s logical our food choices and eating habits are variable during a pandemic, given the emotional turmoil many people have experienced, and the lack of availability of ....

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  • 5 Habits That Will Help You Stop Eating so Much Added Sugar

    5 Habits That Will Help You Stop Eating so Much Added Sugar

    Added sugar. There's little doubt you're eating too much of it. In a day and age when the average American consumes a staggering 88 grams of added sugar per day (the American Heart Association recommends a limit of 24 grams per day for women and 36 grams per day for men), food producers are using lots of it to ensure they're appealing to consumers' tastes. It's not just in junk food, either. Added sugar is often hiding in places most people would never imagine. Too much added sugar causes to you pack on pounds, rots your teeth, ruins digestion and causes increases your risk of cancer, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. One of the easiest ways to transform your body and elevate your ....

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  • What is Recovery and Why does it Matter?

    What is Recovery and Why does it Matter?

    Many people believe a recovery routine is only for dedicated athletes. But, according to fitness experts, that’s just not true. “All people exercising, training, competing or just beginning to implement physical activity into their lives can benefit from a variety of recovery tools, regardless of their goals,” says Erika Lee Sperl, a certified strength and conditioning specialist. A recovery routine can help prevent injuries, allow for cellular repair, provide a mental break, and help you become stronger, faster and more mentally and physically sound, Sperl says. But what does “recovery” mean, exactly, and how can you create a routine of your own? Answers, ....

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  • Avoid Decision Fatigue and Lose the Weight Spokane!

    Avoid Decision Fatigue and Lose the Weight Spokane!

    You might not realize it, but your days are actually filled with hundreds of choices from the second you wake up. Which shirt should you wear? What should you eat for breakfast? Should you drink your coffee before or after your workout? How should you tackle the new assignment from your boss? Some days are more stressful than others and may require you to make more choices than usual. This can cause decision fatigue, a phenomenon that negatively impacts the quality of the decisions you make after you’ve reached that point. The Science
    Research shows making decisions is more mentally exhausting than contemplating without having to choose anything. Moreover, decision fatigue ....

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  • How to Streamline Your Nutrition

    How to Streamline Your Nutrition

    There are so many diets out there that you might forget that the basics — a balanced diet and exercise you enjoy. You don’t need anything fancy to lose weight. The basics include watching calories, adding movement and eating some healthy fats, whole grains, lean protein and plenty of produce. This summer, don’t just commit to cleaning up your kitchen, but also focus on deleting extraneous dieting rules. Loosen the reins a bit and you’ll have an even better chance at success and making weight loss a sustainable and enjoyable process. Here, the rules you should skip and those you should keep: DON'T - Suffer
    Many people follow self-imposed diet rules that make ....

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