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The Do's and Don'ts with a Trainer

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The Do's and Don'ts with a Trainer

Hey all! People often ask what a trainer does and why they need a trainer, but never really what to do with a trainer. Here are 5 do's and don'ts from our perspective.


5 Things You Absolutely Do with Your Trainer

1) Find the right match

Just because a trainer is at your health club doesn’t mean that they are the best match for you.

Look at credentials, client achievements, ask for a trail session to see if you’re personalities will mesh.

2) Clearly set goals

Most people want to achieve something, and your trainer will want to help you reach them.

Goals are a marker for progress, so be ready to set short-erm and long-term goals.

3) Have fun and build a relationship

Trainers don’t like robot clients, those who come in and workout with less than 20 words spoken between them.

Work on communication skills, each client is different and so are trainers.

4) Speak up!

Trainers don’t know how you are feeling in the moment with each exercise so if something doesn’t feel right you have to let us know, don’t “power through”.

Tell us if you like something or tell us if you dislike something. Odds are we can explain why we’re having you do the nasty exercise you don’t like as it pertains to a goal.

5) Ask questions!

Why am I doing this? What’s it helping me build?

What should I be doing to help progress my workouts outside of our sessions?


5 Things That Will Get You Fired by Your Trainer

1) Disrespect

We work for you, but we are not your personal punching bag.

Treat others how you want to be treated

2) Confrontation

If you don’t like something about your session, speak your mind, just don’t make it a personal attack

Channel your aggression into the workout from a bad day, not into your trainer.

3) Tardiness

Being on time is being late in most trainers’ opinions.

Your missing out on precious workout time that can help reach your goals

Your trainer is blocking time that could be for another client

4) Taking over

Remember, you hired us because you aren’t a fitness professional.

We have a set game-plan for your workouts, so unless something doesn’t feel right, you don’t get to change it.

5) Blame them for your lack of results

On average a trainer see’s a client 2.5 hours a week, which is less than 2% of a full 7-day week. What you do the other 165.5 hours is not on us if you can’t have self-control or motivate yourself to move.



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