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How Do You Know if You're Drinking Enough Water Spokane...

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How Do You Know if You're Drinking Enough Water Spokane...


Too much of something for one might be just the right amount for another – so what works for your sister might be bad for you, and in a few years it could be the other way around. Then it could flip back again.

Water though it may be as boring as it gets, it is also the most important beverage you can drink. And you need to have enough for your body every day.

And so, the answer lies both within and without; inside your bladder and into the toilet.
You are drinking enough water simply if your urine (pee) is a pale yellow color or even clear. The clearer the better. If it’s dark yellow, or even yellow-orange or you feel dizzy when you turn your head or stand up from sitting your are most likely dehydrated.

If your lips look and feel cracked and dry, or you have frequent headaches in the front of your head, you may be dehydrated again. So although you may feel you are drinking water, remember you can urinate up to 2 liters per day. You lose water over night while sleeping and you also lose water through the skin. So very often you can wake up quite dehydrated.


Yes, but you’re probably not guilty of it.

Drinking too much fluid can lead to very severe conditions such as confusion, nausea and lightheadedness.  According to the same researcher in rare cases, a condition called exercise-associated hyponatremia (EAH), can cause death. It is a condition that has caused the death of more than 14 athletes since 1981! But unless you’re an very active avid athlete, drinking too much water is probably not a big concern of yours.

Having a glass of filtered clean water every few hours can be advisable. Just keep a close eye on your urine color, because the water you drink forms the liquid carrier part of the major transportation system  of moving toxins out of your body.  Adequate water helps reduce pain, diminish hunger, move your poop along, and sweep toxins away.  So for now, drink up!

Start feeling better today.


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