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Summer IS NOT The Time To Skip The Gym

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We are lucky enough to live in a four season region, meaning we get it all, from the gloom of winter to the heat of summer, and the beauty of spring and fall. And because of that, many people tend to take their summer months for granted when it comes to their fitness regimes, and either scale back, or disappear completely from the gym. As a trainer you constantly hear “I’m going to work-out more outside by; insert running/walking/biking here.” Or my favorite which is actually a year round excuse more times than not; “I’m just too busy.” 

Truth is, some people are actually more active during the summer months. But they may not be doing the best thing for themselves because that active and your gym routine are vastly different. But a vast majority of the “more active” in summer folks aren’t. The warm weather is just an excuse to go sit out on the deck and work on chilled beverages and BBQ ribs more than coming in and sweating it out like they do September through June. So why should you continue your fitness 12 months a year?  Here are 10 reasons why.

1)      No vacation gains. Occasional treats and enjoying the dessert whenever you want doesn’t need to main gaining anything except some extra happiness: when you stay active and healthy, a treat now and then is ok.

2)      Quiet gyms. No time wasted on waiting for someone to finish sets. Enjoy it before fall arrives and it becomes busier.

3)      Pumped up and tanned = WIN. Just imagine how good your toned up and sun-kissed muscles will like in an evening sunset on the beach. Superficial? Yeah, but so worth it.

4)      You will eat healthier. When you’re working out you are more likely to eat healthier. Just think about going to a BBQ on a Friday night before you’re supposed to hit the gym Saturday morning? That second helping may not be a good idea!

5)      Sharper memory. Your brain always works more efficiently when you incorporate exercise into your daily life.

6)      Less stress. You will instantly feel calmer without necessarily moving to Hawaii and become a surf instructor.

7)      Getting back to routines is easier. If you don’t quit entirely, you will find it easier to get back into it after a short vacation than if you take three months off. Plus, regular activity will keep you energized and you can achieve more on a daily basis.

8)      You’ll sleep better. Especially weight lifting has proven to have an effect on quality of sleep.

9)      Life seems sweeter. Blame it on the endorphins! Those little chemical cheerleaders really make you feel better about everything during and after a great workout.

10)  You can eat more. Weightlifting revs up your metabolism and increases your daily calorie need, so maybe you can have that second helping of beans, not ribs, after all.

In short, like the rest of the year, working out all summer is only beneficial. A few hours less in the lounger on the deck a week and a few more in the fitness studio will just keep you happier and healthier.

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