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Exercising For Lung Health

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 A regular exercise routine is most noted to help maintain a healthy heart, losing weight, increased strength and athletic ability, as well as reducing the risk of illnesses such as diabetes. But an often overlooked aspect is the health of your lungs, whether they are healthy or you have a lung condition, exercise can help.

So what type of exercise helps improve your lung health? The answer is simple. Anything that increases your heart rate, which in turn increases the work on your lungs. It can be a sport, outdoor activity, or a daily activity such as gardening or cleaning. Basically, just moving around more than you are sitting is good for lung health. Sounds like the same concept as for heart health and weight loss right?

Doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days a week keeps you healthy. What does that look like? Basically for a healthy person that is equivalent to walking at a pace of 3 miles an hour. If you have a lung disorder, such as asthma, walking at a pace that makes you moderately breathless. When exercising you tend to increase your breathing 40-60 times a minute which is why you may feel “out of breath” but not “short of breath.” If you feel “short of breath” you may have reduced lung function from a chronic or short term lung disorder.

The benefit of exercise on your lungs is as simple as the benefit on your muscles, considering your diaphragm (a muscle) is a major contributor to your breathing. The stronger you get from exercise in general, your lungs will become more efficient as well, since you will be using less oxygen in your muscles and they will in turn produce less carbon dioxide. And since your lungs won’t be working as hard to help you get oxygen to your muscles, they improve in overall health as well.

The best things you can do to help those precious lungs of yours in to keep yourself out of situations where can inhale anything harmful. The big one for most people is smoking. That alone shows increased lung function in as little as two weeks. Other contributing harmful factors are inhaling chemicals when works, dust, or other allergens that can inflame the tissue in your lungs. Basically, if you something is in the air in abundance like insulation or sawdust, wear a mask to help your lungs.

Keeping your lungs healthy is simple; exercise!

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