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Office Roadblocks that May be Hindering Your Weight Loss

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Office Roadblocks that May be Hindering Your Weight Loss

It's difficult to maintain a healthy nutrition program when your co-workers are bringing in donuts, girl scout cookies, left-over birthday cake, every day to the office. But just because the food is there, or you have a desk job doesn't mean you can't stick to your nutrition guns. Here are 7 problems and the fixes you can make to avoid them.

1. You sit for hours on end.
Sitting too long can really sabotage weight loss goals because every movement counts, so try taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or go for a brief walk around the office every 30 – 45 minutes. If you have trouble remembering to get up, set your computer reminders to go off every 45 minutes.  

2. You aren’t prepared for a hunger attack.
If you don’t have healthy snacks on hand, you’re more likely to head for the vending machine or mindlessly reach into the office candy jar. Try keeping healthy snacks like fruit and nuts on hand.

3. You suffer from on-the-job stress.
Chronic stress can trigger cortisol, a stress hormone that leads to fat storage and sugar cravings. Try taking deep breaths, giving yourself small breaks, or going for a walk to manage your stress levels. Another great tip to get yourself de-stressed away from work, try abstaining from work related tasks when you get home or go on vacation. Don’t answer emails after work unless it’s a necessity or on vacation set 10-30 minutes every day in the morning to reply to those pesky emails. Your body will thank you.

4. You eat at your desk.
Eating at our desks is a big no-no. When you do so, you’re not as mindful of what you’re eating, and you may overeat. Opt for a common dining area or an outdoor venue instead.

5. You don’t get enough sunshine.
Studies have
 shown sun exposure is associated with a lower BMI, so try to get some sunlight throughout the day. Especially this time of the year in the INW, it’s B-E-A-UTIFUL!

6. You forget to pack your lunch.
If you don’t pack your lunch, you’re more likely to rely on fast food or the vending machine. Commit to packing a lunch one to two days per week. If you do eat out, look for any way you can add vegetables, whether that’s a salad or lean protein and veggies. Or, opt for a soup and salad.

7. Your coworkers’ bad habits rub off on you.
Sometimes, you may be tempted to go out more with your coworkers, or else partake in some of the decadent treats or snacks they bring. Even if you can’t abstain from the treats, try just taking a small portion — a half or a quarter of a donut, for instance.

More times than not, our five day a week work habits are what can de-rail our progress. Planning is your best plan of attack for all things health and fitness. 

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