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Changing Your Fitness with the Seasons in Spokane

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Changing Your Fitness with the Seasons in Spokane

The end of the summer is your perfect opportunity to try on some new goals, training styles, and motivational tricks. Here's how to design your fittest fall yet! 

Do you suffer from one-season motivational disorder? Symptoms include a severe lack of measurable progress in the gym after September 1 accompanied by an increase in sad gazing at old progress pics, beach pics, and PR posts. If you feel like the end of summer means the end of your reason to train like a beast, you're definitely suffering from this condition.


Before you change anything this fall, do a quick but thorough self-inventory about what has worked—and not worked—for you this year so far. The motivation you need in the cold months usually comes from the lessons learned the previous summer season. his approach requires you to be honest with yourself, which isn't always easy. Were you miserable during that low-carb cut? Did you commit yourself to an ambitious program that competed too much with your family or social time? These are both problems that can get in the way of your results long term. Now is when you need to start planning to keep it from happening again.


The whole "cutting for the summer" thing is kind of a cliché, but if you think about it, it kind of makes sense. When it's hot outside, appetite is relatively low, sweating is the norm, and activity is everything. High-rep, high-volume, lower-weight training just feels right. So, what would fall-style training be? Maybe the reps go down a bit and you focus on adding some strength. Work toward a new PR or learning a new fitness skill entirely during this time—maybe something ambitious like a single-arm push-up or a full toes-to-bar hanging leg raise. Then when winter settles in, you can push around some big weights and add some muscle while it's cold outside, or have time to master your new skill so you can show it off next year.


Fall is the best time to perform a couple workouts each week outside the sweaty confines of the gym. Conditioning workouts outside work well because they require minimal equipment. You don't have to go far. The nearest park or sidewalk is sufficient, and equipment is minimal.


The more exact your goals, the more personalized—and in many cases, isolated—your training becomes. Sometimes, that can be just what you need to maximize results. But on the other hand, as the song says, everybody needs somebody sometimes. Try something new and exciting. Go to a small group session, or pilates, maybe a HIIT type workout is for you this winter.


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