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Burn off the Kid's Halloween Candy!

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Burn off the Kid's Halloween Candy!

With Halloween over, there's probably an influx of candy in your house. It's hard to resist and hard on the nutrition plan all at the same time. What's your poison? On the popular app MyFitnessPal, peanut butter cups are the candy of mass consumption with a total calories consumed of 6,830,097 in 2016. That's over 77,600 individual cups! Well that are reported at least (wink, wink). So what's the most effective way to burn those calories? Here are 5 options that will help you burn off those peanut butter cups from heaven.


Hitting the trail for a moderately strenuous hike can burn off a peanut butter cup (plus a few bonus calories) in just 15 minutes. With all the gorgeous fall foliage to take in, chances are you won’t even notice the workout. Add a backpack to your trek, and you’ll burn an additional 80 calories per hour.


Raking leaves, cleaning the gutters and other fall yard work is inevitable. If you need a little extra motivation to check those chores off your list, know that they can be surprisingly good calorie burners. While raking, throw in some walking lunges and squats to boost your heart rate and burn off a few extra calories.


Before winter weather makes outdoor runs a distant dream, enjoy the crisp cool air and fall foliage while burning off the equivalent of a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Just 15 minutes of jogging (at a pace of less than 5 mph) burns more than 100 calories. Pick up the pace for a solid 6 or 7 mph, and you’ll burn off the whole pack.



Get into the spirit of football season with a good old-fashioned game of touch football. A high-energy game can burn major calories (and help you hone your skills for a Thanksgiving match) — just 15 minutes of playtime burns about 150 calories.



Fall is also a great time for cyclists. To take advantage of the best fall foliage, grab your bike and hit the trails — mountain biking for just 10 minutes or riding through your neighborhood at a moderate pace (8–10 mph) for 15 minutes also does the trick.

And remember, just because they are there doesn't mean that you have to indulge. Many dentists in the area will take your candy as donations to send to our troops overseas. Here's your Spokane list. 

And remember, it's the time of year where the average person gains 7-10 pounds because the of the holidays. Don't let it be you this year! Check us out for small group training and personal training to offset those holiday parties.

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