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What is a personal trainer?

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What is a personal trainer?

Personal Trainer - noun

A person who works one-on-one with a client to plan or implement an exercise or fitness regimen.

  But, a trainer is that and more. We are motivators, coaches, cheerleaders, and psyciatrists. What does a trainer truly do?

  Anyone can benefit from a trainer., from the fitness newbie to the seasone veteran. We can push you harder than you can push yourself. A true fitness program doesn't just focus on your workout, it focuseson all 4 aspects of fitness; nutrition, cardio activity, proper supplementation (if needed), and resistance or weight training. The main focus of a training session is the resistance part as we can only nag you about your nutrition, cardio and supplementation segments.

  First, the hard part; you need to narrow down your nutition, what will work for you and your daily activities. Nutrition is 60-80% of any one fitness goal. I usually have everyone start journaling their food for 7 days, this way you can see what your weekdays and weekend eating habits are like. From there we can take a few hundred calories off of the intake and what the fat and simple carb intake. That added to excess calorie burn of the exercise starts your weight loss goal. If you are looking to add lean body mass, we watch the fat, keep the protein and carbs higher for energy and we up you calorie intake to an amount you may not be used to eating. To gain muscle you need to feed the body, so restriciting to much is counterproductive. Adding a solid supplementation program to fill the gaps will help either goal immensly. 

  Now the easy part: the workout. This is where you start to feel the results and the "burn" everytime you set foot in your gym. Most people have little idea what proper exercise and cardio activities to focus on. Cardio is more than just heart health; it is a major source of calorie burn and muscular endurance. Using a target heart rate (THR) helps you to work smarter not harder. Also your THR can be used in your weight training if you are focusing on circuit training, plyometrics, or sport specific training. Cardio can be done indoors, outdoors, or a pool. If it makes you breath hard, odds are it's cardio! 

  Weight training is the area where many people are the least experienced. Weight training has many different levels, aspects, and techniques. You need weight training to stay strong, move better in daily life, excel in recreational pursuits, and look better in the mirror. Every workout should vary based on your goals and abilites. Basically a trainer takes the guess workout out of what to do. They set up a plan for you making sure to hit your target areas and maximize your time in the gym. In sessions we focus on muscles groups or movement patterns, working on technique and movement recognition. It is both a subjective and objective task for the client. We need to know what works for you, what feels good and bad, and how your feeling during the workout. Some days will be harder than others, but that's the best part! For every hard day, there's going to be a day that's a little easier for recovery and then we you hit that hard workout again, it will be easier!

  Fitness is such a broad subject that going it alone can be scary. A trainer is always there to help.


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