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In a Time Crunch? Here are 3 Quick Workouts to Aid Fat Loss

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In a Time Crunch? Here are 3 Quick Workouts to Aid Fat Loss

Fat Loss Doesn't Need a Lot of Time
Believe it or not, you can lose fat, get stronger, and get in better condition even with minimal workout time per week. I promise it will work, but you've got to commit to three key components:

First, find a window of an extra ninety minutes twice during the week. Even though I am an advocate of time-efficient and demanding training, I am also a realist. I recommend the ninety-minute window because you need time to get to the gym, dress, train, cool down, shower, and get back to wherever you need to be.

"Find the time to train, even if it’s minimal. I know you can set aside at least 1.8% of your time in a week."
There are 10,080 minutes in a week. The two ninety-minute time periods represent only 1.8% of your total weekly minutes. Find the time to train. It's there.

Second, give 100% effort during the actual workout. Going-all out is the key to these minimal-time exercise options. A workout session in itself does not burn a significant amount of calories, relatively speaking. It’s the post-workout time that is key - when you require calories to replenish and rebuild your body. Dig a deep hole (hard workout) and then sensibly fill it in (diet and rest).

Which brings us to the third component - hole filling. What you eat is going to affect your goals whether the goal is getting stronger or losing fat.

Eat a proper balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.
If you want to gain muscle, then create a calorie surplus.
If you want to lose fat, then create a calorie deficit.
Emphasize whole foods and minimized the processed stuff.
Hydrate. Your body is 70% water.

There are ways of being more specific but following the above will take you a long way.

The Workouts
On to the workout options. Here are three workouts you can mix and match over two non-consecutive days each week. Do them on Monday and Thursday, Wednesday and Saturday, or Thursday and Sunday. Whatever your schedule allows, plug the training days in.

Workout #1

300 Mountain climbers, whatever it takes. 4 x 75 reps, 2 x 150 reps, or 1 x 300 reps. Get to 300 reps somehow.
One-half of your bodyweight barbell squats for max reps. Whatever you can squeeze out with half of your body weight on the bar. 50 reps? 100 reps? 150 reps?
Chin ups x max reps x three sets with a 1:00 rest between each set. If you can't do regular chin ups, do low pull ups, Australian pull ups, or whatever you want to call them.
200 jumping jacks.
100 bent-knee sit ups. Don't anchor your feet. Can't do 100? Aim for 50 reps.

Workout #2
Use a resistance where you can achieve only one-half of the target repetitions in one set, then work your way to the total rep goal.

50 dumbbell or medicine ball squat-to-overhead presses
30 burpees
100 bar or dumbbell overhead presses
150 leg presses
100 dumbbell or barbell bent-over rows

Workout #3
One time through this exercise menu. Use a :40 to 1:00 rest between each exercise. Use a resistance that makes it difficult to achieve the prescribed reps.

Low/seated row x 25 reps
Leg push (squat, leg press, or deadlift) x 20 reps
Push up x max reps
Pulldown x 15 reps
Leg push (another squat, leg press, or deadlift) x 15 reps
Overhead press x 15 reps
Upright row x 15 reps
Leg push x 10 reps
Incline press x 15 reps
Bicycle crunch x 150 reps
Romanian deadlift x 20 reps

Then, do the total body finisher. Four rounds with minimal rest between each.

Dumbbell squat x 5
Bent-over row x 5
Overhead press x 5
Push up x 5

Find the Time to Train
Find the time to train, even if it’s minimal. I know you can set aside at least 1.8% of your time in a week. Doing something is far superior to doing nothing.
Remember, four may be greater than two, but digging two holes is much better than digging none.        


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