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Parents, You Must Find Time For Fitness in Spokane!

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Parents, You Must Find Time For Fitness in Spokane!

There is this myth that parenthood requires an absolute sacrifice of health, hopes, and dreams. Marriage must become passionless, purposeful work must be reframed as a necessary evil, and any individual pursuits must be abandoned.

The reality is that self-neglect is the worst thing you can do for your kids. First of all, if you allow yourself to become a fractured version, you will have less to give your children. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Taking time for your own health will magnify your positive impact. Our world often focuses on quantity, but quality time is what always matters most.

 Movement is not an activity you fit into your life. It is the essence of living. This is true both figuratively, as nothing is static and we are always growing, and literally. Movement is the foundation of all learning and development. Watch children and you’ll truly begin to respect this truth.

Your model is the most powerful tool you have for influencing conduct. Children will see your example as the gold standard of appropriate behavior. Children whose parents value health are far more likely to grow up exercising, eating well, and, consequently, thriving. In a time when lack of impulse control and lifestyle-related illness are the leading killers, your model may, literally, save their life. You’ll never know it did, but that is alright.

Make no mistake, children complicate everything. They are masters of inserting chaos into your perfect little plans. The certainty of chaos does not preclude planning, rather it necessitates systems.

Lift Heavy at the Gym

Finding time to exercise could be as simple as communicating this need to your spouse and setting a time where he handles all childcare duties. Having a home gym or gym at work can make this even more doable.

For many, this is all you’ll need to do to fall into normal exercise patterns. If you can only get to the gym a couple days a week, or only for short periods, I recommend prioritizing heavy lifting and compound movements.

Pick one day a week where you do heavy squats, heavy rows, heavy RDL’s, and heavy overhead or bench press. In less than 30-minutes, you send an overwhelming signal to your body that it needs to maintain every muscle. If you get another day later in the week, consider barbell or kettlebell complexes for a tremendously metabolic total body blast, in a very short time.

Become a Bodyweight Guru

Those who are simply trying to make home fitness fit into their daily routine will have to be a little more creative. Many people have spent a week with nothing but a TRX just because the proximity of a gym on a work trip or vacation may not be an option.

If you invest the time becoming a master of bodyweight exercise, there will be no situation where you can’t sneak in fitness. Your training may not be as well-planned and intentional as you’d like, but some movement is better than none. Consider this randomized approach a rediscovery of the unplanned movement the typical human body experienced throughout most of history. You can still be very productive by following a few directives:

Always train total body. It is the best way to stoke your metabolism and ensure balanced movement. With no certainty how long you will be able to train or when the next workout will fit, it is best to hit every muscle, every time. This is really always the best way to train. Shoot for a push, a pull, a knee-dominant squat or lunge, and a hip dominant glute-bridge variation. As Pavel Tsatsouline has shown with his grease-the-groove philosophy, you can even get positive results training total body every day, provided you aren’t hitting extremes.

Alternate strength circuit days with metabolic conditioning days.

Auto-regulate when you need. There will be times you are exhausted. Go low and slow.

Take advantage of low hanging fruit. When your baby boy is at the playground, play with him. Do pull-ups on the monkey bars. When he squats, you squat. If you are going somewhere and not walking ridiculous distances, leave the stroller in the car. Using your baby for a form of loaded carry is a great workout that you don’t have to seek out. You could even standardize a path and progress your loaded carries by doing these daily. Your child will grow, increasing the difficulty in congruence with your increased capacity.  

You Can Do This
The reality is that exercise is essential and possible. When in doubt, decide that you will move when the opportunity presents and just start moving. I recommend selecting one go to movement, like air squats, that is your default fill-in whenever you are in a pinch.

All it takes is a little willpower to overcome the inertia. Whether air squats, lunges, push ups, mountain climbers, or supermans, by committing to daily movement you give your family the gift of health and vitality.  


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