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7 Things to do for Your Health in 2019

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7 Things to do for Your Health in 2019

As we quickly approach the resolution season, here are 7 great ways to help keep yourself on track with your health goals. Try them all or try part of them for a great 2019!

Exercise five days a week (Any form)
We human beings spent most (like 99 percent) of our evolutionary history on the move. It is what we are built for. As hard as it can be sometimes to get up and exercise, most of us feel better when we do. Whether you like to get in a groove and do the same kind of exercise every day or need variety to stay motivated, get up and do what your body was made for.

Eat processed foods less often
Processed foods are cheap, tasty and quick and easy to prepare. They are also full of fat, sugar and salt, and low on the nutrient side of the eating equation. You get a lot of calories in without getting much of the things your body need to be healthy, like vitamins and minerals. Processed foods are made to be almost satisfying taste-wise so that you will crave more and eat them more.

Eat more vegetables and fish
Vegetables and fish on the other hand are packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals protein while being and low on the fat, sugar and salt side of the nutrient equation. Fiber keeps you regular and the vitamins and minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of your body on a cellular level. Protein helps you feel satisfied for longer in between meals and provides the building blocks needed to keep your muscles strong. Fish, as your mom told you is brain food. It’s heart food too.

Be mindful
It is easy to go through much of life on autopilot. Put some thought into everything you do and to notice the world around you. Stop during the day to take a few slow deep breaths, set a reminder to sit up straight, or pause at the end of a long day to note anything positive that happened.

Get in the habit of doing for others
As human beings, most of us like to help our families, friends and neighbors. Scientific studies show that when we help others we decrease our own sense of depression and isolation. When we help each other we do better as a group. From shoveling your neighbor’s walk to volunteering at a soup kitchen regularly, you will find that getting out of your own head and helping someone else with a problem leaves you feeling better.

Give money to charity
There is almost always someone else out there who is a bit worse off than you are. Donate to a charity that does work near and dear to your heart. You will make the world a better place and be able to pat yourself on the back for it.

Find something that brings you joy and do it regularly
In addition to doing for others, do for yourself. Life is too short not experience joy. Bake, bike, soak in a hot bath, paint, read, play the guitar, meditate, learn a new craft or do anything else that strikes your fancy. Whatever it turns out to be, carve out time for it on a regular basis.

Stitching together all these things can lead to a happier, healthier you for 2019. Happy New Year!

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